Welcome Young Padawan

Dear stranger, friend, future coworker or future archenemy, now is an amazingly exciting time for AIESEC as we’re entering the final year of the A2020 mid-term ambition and you have decided to become one of the people that are going to lead this generation, and one of the people that are going to lead AIESEC in Moldova for the term 19.20.

I can assure you that the journey that you are undergoing right now is going to be an incredible one, full of self-discovery, revelations (both about the network and yourself), and friends more than willing to aid you in this.

My advice to you, dear stranger, friend, future coworker or future archenemy, is to stay true to yourself, to not be afraid to question everything (yeah, even my suggestion to question everything), and enjoy the ride, because it’s going to be an incredible one.

Do you have what it takes to bring this entity from where it is today to the top?

Mihai Coșleț


years of amazing experiences


million people to impact




number of exchanges delivered
(in the past 10 years)


Why AIESEC in Moldova?

"Because it only takes one year to change everything!"
IPM 2019, Mohamed Fadel, PAI

I have lived my whole life in Moldova, and I believe in the people here and that they deserve way more that has been done. The opportunities to make AIESEC in Moldova big, recognized and relevant are virtually endless:

- Impact the education in Moldova, bringing better ways to teach youth through our local projects
- Skill our youth through our membership value proposition towards creating a better work environment in the country
- Bringing international talent for our local companies

- Help local youth get a global understanding of the world through our exchanges
and much more.

Even though AIESEC in Moldova is a small entity, our dreams are far from small: we dream big and we believe that we can make this entity a great one, an entity that can contribute to Achieving Peace and Humankind's Potential.

Next year is going to be a turning point for AIESEC in Moldova, a year in which we are going to be as loud and as impactful as humanly possible and then a little bit more than that.

If you think that you are up to the challenge, if you think that you have what it takes to bring this entity to the top, then I invite you to become part of my team.

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MC Profile

Do you have what it takes to be MC for AIESEC in Moldova?

No Excuses

External circumstances are constantly changing and often beyond our control. But that should not be an excuse. Take control of what you can influence. Work with what you have. Look for opportunities. And make things happen.


Passion to innovate

Having a passion to understand what we are now and what could we become. Working towards constantly finding new and better ways to push forward AIESEC in Moldova and to make it a nationally recognized youth movement.


Power to Change

Understanding is not enough: we have to act upon our findings and have the power to go through challenging times.



Millions* of people have read the application and had amazing feedback on it.

*this number is approximated.

Please stop asking me, I’m not going to read your application.

Mihai's Mom


What's it like in Moldova?
watch this videos and get a general overview about us.
What's Moldova's roll call?
Argatu' - La jucat și la strigat
(if you want to see the dance just search for it on youtube by adding "AIESEC dance")
What's Moldova compared to other countries?
You can get a lot of insights about this from the WEF report down below or by asking the people from the contact list.

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